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Originally Posted by LostCause
Question: do you think it is truly worth getting, or would you be better getting a 07 ego, or a shocker?

IMO: Looks kinda like a NXT shocker.....just my oppion i guess
I'm going to have to take the easy way out on this question and say that I need to spend more time with it before I can decide that. But I will say that I'm not a fan of Egos - just never could get the hang of them. I have a practice next weekend, and I planned on using it then in some actual games so that I can get more of a take to make a better review (plus that's where the air and paint is!) That is, if Timber will let me. It's his gun, so I'll send it back as soon as he wants.

Actually, it reminds me more of a SFT Shocker than anything.

I was going to compare it to a couple of other guns for you guys...but I can't remember off the top of my head what they were. However, I can say that a DM 6 shoots much smoother than this one, and the Rail is very close to it. Now, that's not saying it's a bad shooter - it's a great shooting little gun! Remember though, I haven't tweaked any of the settings...

There is so much more I could have said in this review, but I'm holding off for a reason!

Thanks, newkid!
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