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Now, I know that looks do not affect the gun's performance, although there are those that choose a gun strictly on it's looks. Sooo, I took it out for a spin in my backyard.

Note - I didn't mess with any of the settings, which there are modes a-plenty on this thing. Since it's not mine, I'm going to leave it stock and see what happens with it. I'll let Timber mess with it when he gets it. However, I did mess with the trigger a little. The actuation point is very far back in the pull, for me anyways, and the back slack is nil. Also, there is a lot of slop from side to side. One thing I have to say is this trigger is a pain to adjust - I never had so much difficulty getting it where I wanted it. Not the gun's fault, just mine...

Anywho, when I screwed in the tank and shouldered it, my earlier trepidation at the length of this gun disappeared. It felt 100 times better - much more comfy against my shoulder. While it is set up a bit longer than I like, that's easily taken care of because the cool new on/off asa that came with it (see pic) is set on an integrated dovetail, just like the Rail. I like this aspect a lot!

Please note: I shot Formula 13 from last week's practice. It was in great shape and has been rotated every other day. When I tested it, it was a good fit with the barrel, with no easy roll throughs. Now, my loader was a bit dirty as I shot some crappy XO paint at the end of practice and it blew up in my gun - but I only noticed a couple of spots that needed cleaning, which I did. I had 3500 psi on a 68/4500 tank, and it was 40 degrees with a strong wind, but not much moisture despite the rain we had yesterday.

I shot a complete loader to warm it up, and noticed that the paint was all over the place. I figured that the gun was hot out of the box, so I got my Radarchron handheld chronograph out (the yellow one.) I was chronoing around 298 fps, with a couple spikes into the 300's, so I left it alone. I loaded up the loader again, then ripped off about half of it. To my surprise, I got +/- 13, which wasn't too impressive. (Exact readings were 292, 304, 296, 291, 304, 294, 299, and 295 in that order.) I realize this is a reg that isn't broken in, and I haven't taken the time to lube it properly, so take it as you will. I finished out the loader, got some more paint and checked it again. This time it was +/- 26! (313, 300, 304, 302, and 287 in that order.)

On a good note, the paint had worked it's kinks out and was flying MUCH straighter - 8 out of 10 in a 12 inch diameter at 60 feet distance. On 2.5 loaders, I used a little under 1000 psi.


The kick (if you want to call it that) on this gun is minimal, but it is there. Nothing to distract the shooter, or cause worry, but it was very similar to the barrel rise that my Shocker gets. Again, this was with the stock settings, so it could be fixable. It was reminiscent of shooting a DM, but felt closer to the "kick" my Rail gives me, which is minimal. However, there was an absence of air shooting out of the back cap as in the Rail and the Shocker.

I'm going to leave the review at this, and I'll probably come in and edit some of these pictures and the text out, depending on what magazine wants to use.

Overall, the gun is ok, but I'm not exactly bowled over by how awesome it is. Sure, it's got some nice points but it's an 1100.00 gun, so it should have nice points. However, had it had a msrp of around 400-500, I'd have been MUCH more impressed with it. Overall, I give this gun an A- rating.

If you want to ask questions, go ahead and I'll try to answer them without spoiling too much!
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