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Default Re: Homemade paintball equiptment and mods

As I continue to do the suit I will post pics it takes a very long time though, this will be the theird one that i have made, they work great too I have actually gone through games without being disqualified due to a paint shoot. My kill rate isnt the highest usually around 20-24 but my deaths are always real low when i snipe. So they do work well.

The idea behind this suit was to simulate snow with tufts of grass and brush through it. Of corse everyone knows the ghullie isnt done untill you add small bits of branches grass and twigs from your environment.
When i get the whole suit done I want to go into different locations and get someone to take pics to show how well they work, but thats hard to tell through a camra unless you have a real expensive one. But I wanna try it anyway. When i get the snow one done my next one will be for fall then I have one for all seasons.
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