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Default Re: Homemade paintball equiptment and mods

Originally Posted by slim and shady
Well im not expecting as much of a responce on my ghuillie mods, there dont appear to be many people into that kinda stuff here but it takes alot of time and effort so im going to post it anyway! IntercepterMR2 might like it and a few others.

The pics are 2 peices to my 4 part suit for the winter season. One is the head wrap/hood. The other is the gun wrap. enjoy
I've thought about doing it but I just don't have the need right now. We play in some pretty heavy woods where it's mostly pine and some smaller brush, plus the games we all play are pretty short so by the time I go find a spot the game's almost over anyway. I do have a pretty popular guille on my remote pack that I made out of strips from my digi-camo shirt. Everytime we go out they just tag my lens the first chance they get to try marking me for the rest of the day but I got that fixed now...hahaha
you should post some pics of the rest of the suit.
Originally Posted by snipehunter
Oh, and what do we put in our signature if we've graduated college, work full-time, and WISH our parents paid for paintball?
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