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Angry Re: Store Links and Reviews #2


e-paintball can lick the paint offa my hopper. They are a poor excuse for a website, an ecommerce representative, and customer service professionals. Even after 4 weeks of waiting for two items, they still fail at all. I have sent at least 20+ emails, 6 with paypal, have filed a claim, 4 phone messages, and 2 online help messages. Only one reply which stated. we dont have the items you PAID us for. hang on. EFF'EM. I paid good money for products that i have no idea where they are. So i requested a full refund, TWO WEEKS AGO. They apparently cant even do that. I have never been so heated. My friends are even talking about a road trip to Texas, just to show some Cali-love to mr epaintball.


Do not purchase from these idiots. If anything goes wrong, as it did in my case, they will not respond. You are sunk. and they are richer.

So...F+ to e-paintball, the plus is for the website having the items i wanted, the F for completely EFFEN UP my order.

Im pissed if you couldnt tell.
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