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Default Re: Homemade paintball equiptment and mods

Originally Posted by oldironmudder
Instead of a spring why dont you put a little tilt to it?

I didnt bring the stock home saturday but Ill get it monday & Ill get pics of my bipods since their on the carport when I do the stock.

I thought that with a spring i could help battel the blowback up the feedneck. I dont suspect that it would be much of a problem because of the lower rates of fire just thought it would help. Or if your in an urban setting shooting out a window ect. You work hard to get into position for that one shot, so when you pull the trigger and it pops you wanna make sure there is a round chambered!

I hope you get pics of your stock and bi-pods soon. I got the material today to make a steal version of my MP7 stock so I will try to get around to that in the next few days as well.
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