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Default Re: Homemade paintball equiptment and mods

Originally Posted by zombie
thats pretty cool. how many rounds can it hold?

Each Magazine holds 21 balls. All in all it cost 5$ for the LB fitting and 5$ for 10 feet of electrical pvc (3/4) a wood dowl that I use to put in the coupler on the end cost nothing for such little amount and for each of the pvc couplers (thats whats on the end) cost .47cents. I can make like 10 or 11 mags off the langth of pipe I got so its real cheep to. Its fast to switch mags on the go light and very low profile. The only thing i couldnt find was a real light spring, something like Ariakon uses in there overloard pistol.

I forgot to post also that I got materials to make a winter ghuillie suit as well as a fall one. (Then I will have one for all seasons) I plan on starting that right away. i would apreciate if anyone would post an idea for a cool looking sniper shroud that I could use to continue my sniper mod!
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