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So, my impressions:

Fit and Finish
Overall, the fit and finish are very good. No unusual gaps or weird alignments. The barrel is a little too polished for my taste, but that will be taken care of with a new barrel, hopefully SP gets behind these in a big way and makes dust Freak fronts in reasonable sizes. The marker is not aluminum, so I can't taunt you for weeks about a new anno job that may or may not be coming on a marker that may or may not exist. Its virtually the same polymer that Glock uses in their handguns. In my hands, it very much feels like Glock made an SMG. One of my main gripes is the battery. When you hold the marker, and shake the hell out of it, the battery rattles around like a ball bearing in a spraypaint can. I used pieces of double sided foam tape on the front and bottom of the inside of the grip frame, and on both sides of the battery to quiet it down and now it makes no noise at all. I prefer my markers to not rattle at all, especially if I'm in the woods trying to be quiet! I also don't like the glue that they used to hold on the tac rails. First off, it wasn't all that strong, I was able to pry several of them off with my hands. Second, it left this gnarly pink residue that Goo-Gone won't do anything to. I'm going to have to work my way up the solvent chain. I also don't like that the Mag-lite hole doesn't have a lock-down. It comes with a pin that holds the plug in, but, unless I cut off most of the end, it won't work, I probably will do that though, it's just loose enough that I would worry.

I just got it, so long term, I've no idea. The marker is based on a variation of the Ion bolt, with the new bolt-out-back operation. Remove the two screws on the back plate, slide out the breech and the bolt, lube and replace, should be easy enough.

Again, just got it. I'll have to get some air and put paint through it. It's lighter than my VS2, and lighter than my half-built mil-spim. I may or may not need a stock. With my 68/4500, it tucks nicely into my shoulder, isn't too high with my Egg, and the feedneck is solid and tight.

I'll probably end up getting the Blackheart board just so I have the other mode options and the eyes, I like having that safety net there. I'll also get a Freak back and use that, I want a DeadyWind barrel, but I'm a little concerned about the shroud. I'll probably also get a stock, just in case I feel the need, or go with a remote.
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