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Default Smart Parts SP1

Got this in the mail today (one day early, gotta love ActionVillage and the USPS!). Figured I would share my out-of-the-box impressions.

Very nice packaging, of course, kinda weird angled corner, but whatever floats their boat, right?

Here's the marker as it comes out of the box. The only thing I did was attach the barrel.

These shots show the front of the marker, with the barrel shroud, and the rear of the marker, with the B.O.B. plate. This plate is replaceable with a stock adapter that makes it compatible with Tippmann model 98 stocks. The adapter just became available Wednesday so I haven't gotten it yet, I will though.

This shot shows my current configuration with my mini Mag-lite in the hole that's designed for it, and the side tac-rails removed. I could have left them on there, but I'm not going to attach 23 useless items to the rails just to have them. I play paintball, I'm not part of a SWAT team. I may or may not leave the Mag-lite in there.
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