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Default Re: Rear cocking MR1

Originally Posted by shunut
I agree, I would shorten the cocking rod a bit and make a beavertail for it. Right now you will be mindful of it but after a while you'll forget and with the speed the bolt moves at, it could really hurt you.
Well, in the last shot that is with the marker cocked and ready to fire. I was just in the yard trying to get my scope sighted in and the marker really works great. I really can't shorten the rod by much. I could take about an inch out of it. I will check it out. Part of the reason that I used the EYE bolt is because it has the rounded edges. If it hits the mask, it will be more likely to glance off. One of my friends' mask has scratched on the lens where his bolt has made contact with it. I will think up something to put over it....

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