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Default Rear cocking MR1

This took a little work but I am pleased how it turned out. If anyone has any questions don't hesitate to ask... and now, on with the show...

Here is the finished version...

Here is a shot of the venturi bolt with the rear cocking pin... If you noticed I cut the stock's adapter off and incorporated it to my design. I had to drill a 1/4" hole which gave the cocking pin plenty of room to slide through. The bolt is an eye bolt with a closed loop. I felt this would be better for not getting hung up on things but at the same time allowed for a good grip to pull while wearing gloves. The bolt I used has a 12x24 thread pattern and is 3.25" long from the end of the threads to the front of the ring (ring not included in measurment). I also used a nut to lock it to the V-bolt. This is not the correct size because the ball dent screw is metric (just like all the other screws). There is a screw chart pinned in the general spyder forum and some of the MR1's screws there have a number. The ball dent screw does not but I would guess that it is a #14 or #16. Don't quote me on that. At some point I will go to lowes and get the correct size but what I have works for now... I also used some LOCK TIGHT thread locker on the thing...

Next we have a picture of the Pull Pin Cocking Knob. I kept the original and just used a 1/4x20 bolt that has been cut down to fit. The groove was made by chucking the bolt in my drill and while spinning I lightly touched it to a grinding wheel that was also spinning.

Here is a rear view of the marker to show what it looks like...

And one more shot of the marker fully assembled...


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