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Default Re: GuerrillaAir Regulators of the MYTH(TM) regulator...

On Sunday the 11th I played using this reg. Temperature started at about 40*F and the warmest it got was about 58*F around noon~ish. On my 114/45, I started with 4200 psi.

* 500 balls put through the Ion. Amount of air remaining was approx 3700 psi. Air used=approx 500 psi
* 250 balls put through the Mag. Air remaining from 3700 was approx 3100 psi. Air used=approx 600 psi
* 50 balls put through the pump. From 3100 psi was approx 2900 psi. Air used was approx 200 psi
* 25 balls through the M98. 2900 psi to 2600 psi. Air used was approx 300 psi. Not only did the marker eat a ton of air, there was recocking failures galore. I stopped at 25 out of disgust for this particular combination of reg/marker.

Air used was calculated to rounding DOWN to the nearest line to the needle.

Use on a highly upped ION as I described below:
Lucky Stage 5 Ion, Spitfire Stage 4 board, CP (long) reg, CP trigger, Trinity on/off, TechT L6v2 bolt, Clippard QEV, 14" Freak barrel, Halo B with rip. Semi and 15 bps ramping used.

It was the bomb with my Ion. The recharge rate was unbelievably fast...much faster than I was anticipating. My Op Pressure for 280 fps was 125 and it absolutely shot ropes. Semi was fast enough so I swapped it to 15 bps ramping. It kept up just fine and my in-line reg gauge never dipped below half of one line (50 psi increment). It looked more like it was 'wobbling' from vibration more than anything else. Absolute A+/10 of 10 for this particular marker.

68 Classic AutoMag:
Here I ran into some trouble. The stock Mag needs a higher psi to operate properly and being that the valve is also the reg...I experienced shootdown. If I fired slowly...<2 bps it worked great. Getting on the trigger though, I would watch the paint fall closer and closer to me in that string. I knew this was going to happen but I didn't think to this extreme. Rating C or 7/10. My suggestion is not to use the Myth with a Mag. Use the HP ***U, Assault or Ambush models of regulator instead.

68 Magnum:
Recharge was alright with the pump because it's a slower action marker. The marker was giving me some crap but again...this one never liked HPA from any bottle I ever used. All things considered...I'd rate it a B+ or 8/10.

Tippmann M98:
Same as the Mag but worse. At least the Mag is tunable wheras the M98 is not. Shootdown was absolutely horrible and to the point of multiple recocking failures. DO NOT use the MYTH with any HP Tippmann marker. You'll be disappointed to say the least. Consider this an F or 1/10 grade for Tippmanns.

So there you have it. The MYTH reg is not for use with HP stacked or single-tube markers. It worked awesomely with the LP Ion. If the Mag were able to work at a lower OP pressure, I'm sure it would have done better at higher speeds.

I'm still happy I bought it. It's a phenominal reg that's really intended for LP markers. Have an LP marker? Get it and son't look back. Have a lower-end HP marker? Skip the MYTH and get the HP regs that GuerrillaAir offers. You'll be much happier.
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