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Default Re: NEW! Hard Corps Torque hopper.....

This thing needs to be out longer before i'll buy it. There are many flaws with the design. If anybody wan one I would strongly suggest waiting until they come out with another design in a year or so. For 100 dollars your paying for a hopper that will take apart itself on the field. Honestly I would rather have it harder to take apart than be this easy. (It looks like a hopper that will fall apart when you slide, or get hit by a paintball and shatter.) I do not own one of these but I have seen one and held one at my local painball store. From what I could see at my local pb store here are the pros and cons.

Fast, Fast, and faster.
fairly reliable
easy to take apart

4 hour battery lifetime
weak shells
feels like it will fall apart in your hand

The pros and cons are about equal. If you would like to buy it I would have to say go ahead. It is a very nice hopper. There are just a few flaws with it.
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