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Default Re: Ultimate Resource Thread

Part Six:
Why am I Chopping?

1) Bad paint. You ever get mad because it seems like every time you shoot, the paint breaks in your barrel? Then check your paint. Either the paint is too big for your barrel or the paint is brittle. You can test your paint size by putting it in your barrel and blowing. If you can blow the paint out of the barrel easily, its good paint. You can see if its brittle by dropping a paintball on the ground. If it breaks in one or two bounces, its bad. Try paint that can bounce 4-5 times.

2)The hopper. I sometimes am running around and either I see paint running down the feedneck or I see broken paint in the chamber. If you see paint running down the feed tube, put some type of padding in your hopper or get better paint. If you see breaks in you chamber, you are shooting too fast for your hopper.

3)Other reasons. Sometimes, there are simple reasons for breakage. Many minor problems include high velocity, dirt in the barrel, etc. Just try to find the source of the problem and fix it. Its that simple.

)Bolt Deformity. If a small deformity develops on the face of the bolt, it can break or slice paint. Check it everytime you lube it. If there is noticable sharpness or deformity, take some 1000 grit sand paper to it.

5)Velocity. If your velocity is too high, the ball may not be able to take the force from it. Turn it down, your accuracy is better that way anyways.

6)Blowback. If your bolt doesnt have a front oring or is very snug, you probably are getting some blowback. This will cause the balls to jump up in the feedneck due to air coming around the bolt. This decreases your feedrate and can lead to chops.

7)Eyes are dirty. If your spyder has eyes that are dirty, it will read that there is always a ball loaded. This will let the gun fire whenever. So you are basically shooting as fast as the board will allow you to w/ no help form eyes to prevent chops.

So, If your Marker keeps chopping....
Make sure that you:
1. Get a fast enough loader for your gun
2. Make sure that your barrel bore is bigger than your bore of paint
3. Use good paint.
4. Velocity should be below 300fps for safety anyways.

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