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Default Re: GuerrillaAir Regulators

Originally Posted by druid
well, it's not that it's the recharge rate - per se - The ***U's recharge is damned fast. The Myth is supposed to be just as fast. It's more that it's a medium pressure reg that's output is in the 600 psi range. It may cause shootdown in faster/top-end markers but for what I's perfect.
Yup yup. It will work fine on most markers, though. The only markers I can imagine it having trouble with are Ego's, but I used mine on one, and it kept up fine.

However, within the first two days I used it, it developed a leak from the bleed port hidden behind the gauge. The leak is no longer noticeable (who knows why), but it still leaks out over night. Almost entirely. But Guerrilla Air is pretty good about taking care of it's customers, and I plan to ship it out soon.
Good times, good times.
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