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Default GuerrillaAir Regulators

About 8 months ago I got a (Click it) GuerrillaAir ***U Bottle Regulator and the box was perfectly square and the reg was securely packaged in a plastic blister box, in packing peanuts.
I took it out and mounted it on my 88/45. I'll get pics of it later but it came out of the pack, a great looking reg.
The machining was top quality and the anno was perfect. This reg is about as long as the old AA/Armageddon regs of yesteryear.
Installation is easy enough but for those that are unfamiliar with tank reg mounting, you should have your proshop install it. There's a dive shop here that slow-fills my bottles (the Proshop flash-fills them) and it's initial fill was made to see if it holds air in storage. While the bottle was still warm, the gauge read 4600 psi. After the bottle cooled it read slightly lower than 4400 psi. Checking the bottle every other day for 2 held every bit of cooled air that was in it.
Playing with's a better reg than I'm used to. My renegade field's not too far from me and we set up a quick game so I could test it. I've used it with my Stage 5'd Ion set to 20 bps ramping, Tippmann M98, 68 Magnum, Trracer and lastly, my Classic Mag.
On the Ion, there was absolutely no shoot-down that I could detect. It was fast and furious to say the least.
The M98 (being the gas hog that is it's nature), ran just as smoothly.
The 68 Magnum is a bit of a different doesn't like HPA and never did - but it seemed to run ok with this particular reg (as opposed to a Crossfire and MaxFlo) even though it wasn't as astounding as it is on CO2.
The traccer liked it ok and the Mag runs great on it.

So after using this one and liking it a lot, I decided that I'd replace my MaxFlo in-line with another reg. The MaxFlo's on my 114/45 and set up for remote. I go to Guerrilla's web page and see that the (Click it) Myth, that is normally $99.95, is on Halloween sale for $64.95 - Oh yeah...this I gotta try.

So I ordered the Myth. Same thing applies about shipping/boxed appearances. Opening the pack, I'm like WTF?!...........this thing is TINY! It looks good, don't get me wrong...but man, is it smmmmmmaaaaalllllllll...

I took 3 pics of it so you can see. I used a yellow thread protector and a U.S. Quarter to show size reference. It looks funny on the 114...lmfao. I have not yet filled it with air but will later this week.

EDIT 14 Nov 2007 - Review of the Myth(TM) posted below.

With the supplied nipple cover:

Nipple cover removed:

On a 114/45:

Oh yeah BTW.........I got a new camera ........lmao.......


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