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Arrow Re: NEW! Hard Corps Torque hopper.....

Originally Posted by timbertiger20
It's not sound activated......
Ha ha, ya got meh! It's the new BT Rip Clip that's sound activated. I seem to be coagulating all that I've taken in in the past couple days. Speaking of BT, did you attend the KEE party on Friday? Ben Tippmann BBQ'd for everyone. Never met him before. He is one immense person and I don't mean just because his name is Tippy lol -

Since I got caught in a downpour last night and had to drive home wet as a sponge, I decided against going back today. Parking sucked because of the karate tourney at the same time. On the drive home, I expected to see Noah and the Arc. Last weekend was beautiful in Florida. This weekend bit teh bag with cloudy skies and rain. They should fire whoever chose this weekend for the Cup -
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