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Default Re: NEW! Hard Corps Torque hopper.....

Originally Posted by DRAGON
Now is that 4 hours sporadically, or 4 hours continually running? Like when testing it. There was a guy at the booth that said he was going to do a review of his testing on PBN. Thing is, if the guy works for them, how can it be a totally unbiased review? -
Ok, sigh. I get it. Someone send me theirs so I can do an unbiased review and I'll post it on here....

Originally Posted by DRAGON
Beats the hell outta me. How can it have no board at all? There has to be some electronic control since it's sound activated -
Oooo, sound activated - that's a BIG plus to me! Looks are meh, but hey - everyone thought the Vlocity was ugly when it first came out.

4 hours? I bet they've got a constant drain on the batteries that they haven't figured out yet.
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