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Arrow Re: NEW! Hard Corps Torque hopper.....

Originally Posted by timbertiger20
Dragon......should be hanging out at the MD booth.......there was a major downside to the hopper.......he told us less than 4 hours of run time........but you just keep track of how long it's been on and turn it off between matches.......useless for scenario or long rec games! Otherwise great idea!
Now is that 4 hours sporadically, or 4 hours continually running? Like when testing it. There was a guy at the booth that said he was going to do a review of his testing on PBN. Thing is, if the guy works for them, how can it be a totally unbiased review? -

Originally Posted by leed
I guess that's what happens when you don't use a board
Beats the hell outta me. How can it have no board at all? There has to be some electronic control since it's sound activated -
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