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Cool NEW! Hard Corps Torque hopper.....

I spoke with George Spurlock today at the WCO. He has a small display there loaded with these new Torque hoppers that were just released to the market 2 days ago. He seems to be selling tons of them and I can see why -

It consists of 4 pieces: shell, shell, lid, internal assembly. Hee hee....NO SCREWS! -

This new hopper comes in many colors and many different camo patterns as well. There's even a multiple choice of colors for the intenals which houses the motor and all the main parts that run the hopper -

He showed me how simple it is to take apart and put back together. All you do is release a couple tabs inside the main ball chamber and the shells come apart for cleaning. To put it back together you just put the main internal portion in one half of the shell, put the lid in place and snap the other shell to it.....presto! -

He says it was tested at a 30+bps feed rate. It also has a reverse button to clear any jams that may occur -

The only downside of this hopper is it holds 160-170 balls -

The website is Don't know about anyone else but it took my pooter forever to load that site. Couldn't take any pics since there were so many people around the Hard Corps booth. If I go back tomorrow I'll attempt to take some pics to show you. That is if there are any left and it doesn't rain like hell tomorrow too. In the mean time here's a scan of the handout from the Hard Corps booth:

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