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Default Burrito Building Guide!!

Ok so at the request of oscum guy I have made my burrito building guide. This will help you end up with a delicious snack after only 5 minutes in the kitchen.

To start off

Ok 1st STEP
Get out all of the necessary materials. You will need:

1 Tortilla
Some type of beans
2 slices of cheese
A knife
A microwave

2nd STEP
Put the cheese onto the tortilla and microwave for 10 seconds. MMM melty

3rd STEP
Carefully scoop and spread the beans(refried) over the cheesy area. Add another slice of cheese on top of the beans. Microwave for 20 more seconds.

4th STEP
Almost done! Now sprinkle the lettuce on top the the cheese. Use as much as you would like. Then, take a spoon and put on the salsa. Your done!
Enjoy your new burrito.

Kits can be made...

Mods if you dont want this up just tell me and Ill delete it.
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