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Default Re: KUSA Chat (Non AIM!) for everyone

Complete walkthrough on setting up silverex since i had a few connection problems at first:

Download and install silverex (x-chat):

After install open the program. Set your user name. Click add, change the title to then click edit:

At the top of the new screen you will see a thing that says news something, click add and type, after that click news one and remove it. Next make sure none of the boxes are clicked (you can leave auto connect clicked if you would like to connect directly to kusachat at start up) and set username, after that click close:

Your now back at the first screen simply click the network and click connect:

After it connects a new screen will appear to connect to a channel. Click connect to channel and enter kusachat, remember to leave the # in front or it won't connect, after that you should be in the chat:

If you mess up on the last channel connection screen and don't connect simply click server> join channel:

Enter kusachat with the # in front and click ok, you will be connected to chat:

If you are connected to the kusachat it will look like this:

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