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Originally Posted by tater_salad
Once you got Metal, it don't get no bettal.
true. but i do enjoy my punk every now and then...

this is gonna sound wierd, but the only time ive ever moshed was at a youth group trip to italy over the summer, and a bunch of guys were in the back of the tent with one of our leaders and we were like, "lets mosh!" there werent even that many of us, but we still battered the hell out of each other for the fun of it.

at a Puddle of Mudd concert, everyone in the front was moshing, bras flying onstage, etc. and me and my dad were in the back of the crowd (it was a small concert) standing on tables and singing along to War Pigs (how they ended up playing War Pigs is a story in itself... if you want to know, just ask)
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