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Default Re: Child Psychology Survey

Gender: M
Age: PM me?
Highest level of education completed: Masters in psych
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Department of Human Services
Do you spend time with children (your own or others)?: all day everyday?

~these are simple numerical answers~

At what age should a child be able to:
1) Help adult pick up toys and put them away-2
2) Feed him/herself with a spoon. 1 1/2
3) Bring an adult an object, such as the remote control. My kid steals them..2
4) Use a vaccum cleaner with some help from an adult. 5
5) Help set the table for dinner. 6-7
6) Dress him/herself with little help from an adult. 3
7) Fold and put away clean clothes. 10
8) Take out the garbage. 10
9) Use a feather duster to help dust furniture items. (who dusts?) 6
10) Take a bath by him/herself. 3

The lower numbers for me are more accurate as I have been around my own children who are still young, some of the stuff they havent done yet are more or less guesses, as the children I work with are often forced to do many of these things before they are ready...
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