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Default Re: Buyers Beware Of AnythingXtreme

I had a very similar experience with this dealer. They claimed all the gear was in stock none of it was, they keeped promising shipment soon weeks latter it didn't ship. I called them up and canceled the order but did not see a credit on my card after a week, so I sicked American Express on them. They resolved the issue rapidly. Another small order I had with them (a barrel condom and a squeegee) they took forever on delivery, and they switched out some of the items I ordered for other similar items without asking calling them an "upgrade". Messy...

on a side note, some stores have been good for me, I've made several purchas from, they have been very nice on the phone, in emial, and deliver rapidly, prices are also great (lowest I've found on most things). has also been good to me as far as delivery and service goes, also has been good..
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