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Angry Buyers Beware Of AnythingXtreme

As a warning to everyone I would just like to share my shopping experience with this site. First of all I ordered about $300+ of stuff and I was told most of my items were on backorder although it clearly said it was in-stock on the site, but it wasn't until later that I learn how they never update their stock info which really pissed me off but thats just the beginning of it. They told me most items on backorder are usually in stock within a two weeks so at this point I was fine but guess what...a week later and I decided to call them up and they told me it was going to be another week and this is when I started to get yet again I waited another dreadful week...still nothing..I called them up again and all they had to say was they were expecting a shipment in a week so at this point this was very good news to me so as another week passed by I called them up...they told me something I already knew they would say..."we're expecting a shipment late next week" this point I dont know why I even put up with this as another week went by I tried to call them up...but guess what...this time nobody even decided to answer...and for those of you thinking well so what you called them once and they didn't pick up....guess what...I called them everyday for one week without one I wrote them an email asking the status of my order..never even got a reply..currently its been a month and almost 2 weeks.
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