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Default Pugsters VS1 review

I purchased the Vs1 about three months ago, i must say, i wasn't as happy as i thought i would be.

-does not have the low pressure system unlike the VS2 and 3
-stock nine inch barrel shoots curveballs
-not very many aftermarket parts, i think this is the spyder with the least of them.
-in mine there was a defective valve that had to be replaced after the fifth use.
-lots of kick
-not very good on air usage
-not very ergonomic, i like the feel of my dads 80$ mokal fokus better.
-expensive in canada, 185$
-does not have full auto
-trigger has side to side wobble

-has eyes
-easy to take apart and reassemble
-shoots farely fast on semi, i clocked 14 bps once
-looks ok

As you can see the cons outweigh the pros, if your thinking of getting this gun don't, go for a vs2, pilot acs or ion.
My digital camera is out of commision right now, may be pics later.
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