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i cant believe it's over already. we placed like 7th out of 8. it was an open class tourney, tho. we beat my friend's team, tho. they have the superior firepower AND more experience. after the tourney, the field was still open, so my friend (he has a phantom with a 3.5 oz Co2 tank and a horizontal feed) and i (i used my pilot with a custom homemade stick feed and 2 homemade tubes.) played eachother. i one-balled him in the **** (dont wanna get the second game, we eventually ended up on the other side of the field (he was at my start and i was at his start). i ended up doin a bunkering move like full feild (i knew he was in one of like 5 bunkers near eachother). i just ran down the sidelines, and had my marker pointed across field. that was the best game i've EVER played. that made me want to get a pump so bad. there was like NO paint in the air (well, not as much). it was awesome. i am going to stick goin to tourneys with my team. i really enjoyed it. For pics from the tourney, go to our team page. there is a link in my sig (the first one [orange]).
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