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Default Bigwreckers getting out of paintball thread...

  • so i have decided to get out of paintball after 8 months of my gear sitting in my closet. This is everything I have. Most, almost all of it is like new condition.
  • for the first set of things sold, i will go to the post office on Saturday the 18th of August.
  • My preffered payment method is Money Order thats it. no exceptions. unless its cash in person if you live close to windam county in connecticut. other wise
  • Post here first. then i will PM you.
  • Buyer pays shipping
  • I do NOT ship first.
First up.

2005 Spyder Electra ACS Sold
Halo B loader Clear Sold
Paintball Body Bag Mega Gar Bag. Sold
5 - 140 Rd pods. Sold
9V Mod for loader Sold
6 bags of paint. 500 rds in each bag. Sold

Radar Chron, paintball chronograph. Brand New $35

1 - 100 Rd pod. full of new paint offer!

32* 5 pod pack/harness offer!

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