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Default Re: Ttinks one and only car poll.

Toyota Trucks are among the most reliable and dependable. Aftermarket parts are cheap and readily available if/when you look to give it a little flash and style. Regular maintenance is affordable. Stock/replacement parts are available from most dealers and catalogs. And with a truck you never need help moving furniture, appliances, and other big stuff. You just need a buddy to help you load and unload.

BMW's are nice but they are known for being expensive to maintain. Even regular maintenance (oil changes, tires, belts, bulbs, etc...) is almost twice the going rate and thats not just once or twice. That will be true for the life of the vehicle. The exterior will look great for a long time if you keep it up with regular wash/wax and careful driving/parking... but the interior is sure to lose its fit'n'finish fast (if it hasnt already, being used). Aftermarket parts are expensive (no surprise) and you might be hard pressed to find someone willing to work on it when you need something fixed. If you live near a large city with a BMW dealership, you're set. But move to a small town or have a breakdown in some backwoods place and see how far you have to have it towed to find a mechanic who can fix it for you.

And there's one thing that no one has mentioned as of yet. PROPERTY TAX!!! One of my friends was given a brand new 325i when he graduated college. He loved that car (so did I... lucky punk)! But less than a year out of school he traded it in for a used Toyota. I asked him why and he said the property tax was just too darn high. He had a good job and very few expenses (small apartment, no family, no house payments). It just costs to much to own something like that.

Go for the truck
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