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Default Re: First Tourney!

I've played in tournaments where they gave half the points of a game for just getting the flag first. In those games, don't try to shoot everyone out first - go for the flag! Half the points keeps you in the tournament.

If it's worth much less than that (like in most tournaments) people just shoot everyone out first because they just can't get to the flag with everyone still in.

1. Go to have fun. PERIOD. Tournaments got too much like a job to me when it stopped being fun.

2. Walk the field WITH YOUR TEAM. Go to each bunker and see what angles you have on other bunkers or what angles the other team will have on you when you're in that bunker. Figure out which bunkers you HAVE to make and keep, and those you need to stay away from. Walking the field will help since you don't have the luxury of learning by getting shot out a dozen times!

3. Develop a strategy. Then stick with it until it stops working. Figure out why it stopped working, and develop a new one!

4. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Don't just say you're loud. A lot of the times, it's the other person not listening that's the problem. GET THEIR ATTENTION and give accurate, correct information. We had a guy yelling "Left corner, left corner, left corner!" all game, so one of my teammates and I started focusing on that corner, just laying paint down - didn't see anyone, but he kept yelling it. Come to find out, the guy was actually in the RIGHT corner.

5. Shoot around your bunkers, not over the top. Snap shooting is a great skill, but there's a 50 percent chance you will lose a gun battle with another person. Don't gun battle! Get angles...

6. Have fun!

7. Shake the other team's hands after the game is over. I don't care what you youngsters say these days, it is JUST a game and should be treated like one. Be a good sport about it! (BTW, most tournaments give out Good Sportsmanship trophies. Looks good to sponsors, also!)

Let us know how you did!
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