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Default Re: What Catalyst will be wearing this year

Oh, I'll give a quick review of the Redz eNVy line of uniforms and gear.

First of all, the material for the jerseys is MUCH thinner than the 05 version. It's more nylon/polyester'ish, like the empire jerseys are. It'll be MUCH cooler for the summer, but pretty darn chilly in the winter. Sublimation is ok, just the dang Redz name is everywhere! We're having a hard time finding places to put everything we need to on there...

The pants are not as durable as last year's model. Thinner, more prone to ripping, although they are made of "ripstop" material...more like seams that pop. Overall impression is that Redz skimped this year on the material and such, although, like the jersey, it'll be MUCH cooler this summer. Knees aren't nearly as padded as last year, but there are more stretch panels. The addition of the extra pod holders on the side, at first, seemed like a bad idea, but I actually tried them at an indoor reball field, and they actually are very comfortable. I forgot I was actually carrying pods... I have to say I like the looks of them much better this year though.

Gloves are awesome! They're a little bit tighter, but the snugness helps with walking the trigger. I automatically cut the first two fingers out like always, but they're pretty comfy. They don't help when you get paint on the fingers though, because the rubber grippy part doesn't "grip" like previous gloves I have had - namely Empire. In my opinion, they look better than previous years as well. Short on the wrist, makes it easy to wear the arm pads and uniform without the bunching up around the wrist that happened previously.

Tank cover is a HUGE improvement. It has a rather large pad on the back and the bottom for impacts with the ground. It's the same stretchiness as before, which I prefer a zipper to, but still serviceable. The blue doesn't match the blue in the uniforms though. But that's ok.

Headband, meh. I can take or leave it. Of course, it came with the Redz folding battle swab which is one of the best there is in my opinion. Also got a gun bag (formerly known as a gun condom) which I thought I'd never use, but I kind of like it and have used it a couple of times now.

Overall impression: The clothing line this year is sort of lacking, in my opinion. Still a great line, but I feel last year's was much more durable, although this year's gear looks better. I guess I'll have to wait this summer to see how well they stand up to abuse. I give them a 7.5 out of 10.
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