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Default New uniforms!

Well, along with the new team and new attitude, we resigned with Redz as one of our sponsors, we decided on a different color scheme than the old Catalyst colors.

Here are our new uni's for this coming up season...

Also, I mentioned before that during the hiatus from the forums, I started making headbands and sandanas... here's the headwear I'll be sporting this season!

You can see my Redz elbow pads (sponsors are so cool!) my profiler, one of the sandana's I made, my new Redz gloves, and three of the headbands I made. The dragon, blue flames (same material as mentioned sandana, and the good ol' stars and stripes. Oh, and the goofy looking Redz headband I put under the others for extra padding on the hair free areas of my head...

We've been practicing for several months now, and our first tournament that will actually happen (two have been cancelled due to lack of participation) is in January. Now, we'll be stylin' as well as winning!
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