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Here are some discussions from other introduction threads that are worth repeating:

Originally Posted by System=Pwnt View Post
I'd like that trigger in silver. Does it work well with the magnet on the hall FX? (smooth surface for it to attach)
One of my prototypes is silver, and it definitely looks great. Silver will be one of the available colors after the first batch.

The trigger was developed at the same time as the Hall FX Kit, so they work perfectly together. In fact, the NV is the only trigger available that already has a magnet attached to its backside. The magnet sits flush with the backside of the trigger.

Originally Posted by System=Pwnt View Post
One thing I'm worried about, is how far away does the magnet have to be to not activate the switch?
As far as the trigger's position when firing the Hall FX, the NV fires the Hall FX Kit right near the Hall FX Kit housing itself... about the same place it would fire a regular-switched ESP frame. Non-NV triggers should also be approximately the same place but may activate the sensor from a little further away.

Originally Posted by Brute06 View Post
LOL, OneUp had waaaaay too much at a grad party today, LOL.

I think this entire setup between the hall FX kit and this trigger is absolutely awesome. The only thing I want to put out there is that I hope this trigger will eliminate all of that side to side slop that the stock triggers have. If it does, the spyders will finally have triggers that feel as nice as some of the higher end markers.

You already have the CADs and stuff for the normal NV trigger, just adapt them to fit the VS AND make a slightly different one. I love the triggers on my NME LE and my DM6. If you can make a VS trigger that's anything like either of them, it'd be one of the best triggers around. I'd buy one and I don't even own a VS yet.
The NV trigger when measured from the bottom of the tip, wobbles only 1mm from left to right.

Adapting it for a VS will be a little more complicated than it sounds, but I will begin working on one as soon as possible.

Originally Posted by th3_0n3 View Post
YEAH!!!!!! You guys came out with new stuff!!!!

'k a few things:

1. Make the SwiX, NV triggers and the Hall FX kit for VS series. As well as future products please!!!!

2. Please get info on whether the stuff can work on the AMG.

3. If everything works on the AMG, could I use all three products? (the triggers, microswitch and magnet kit)

4. Whats your next upgrade you make gonna be?

EDIT: 5. Will any of the products work on any other frame?

Great job though. Glad to see you guys making some new products.
1. At this time, neither the SwiX, NV, nor Hall FX Kit works for the VS series. A VS Hall FX Kit and VS NV are being seriously considered.

2. If someone is interested in verifying the AMG and purchases a NV, I will refund the purchase (upon return of the trigger) if it does not fit. I am 90% confident it will fit with no problems though.

3. If the NV is confirmed as fitting the AMG, all three products, the SwiX, NV, and Hall FX Kit will be compatible with the AMG. Currently both the SwiX and Hall FX Kits are 100% compatible with the AMG.

4. It takes quite a long time to bring a quality idea from concept to production, so I will not be releasing specific information regarding future upgrades from X-Customs.

5. As far as I know, the SwiX and Hall FX Kit are only 100% compatible with the Spyder ESP frames. My understanding is some Dragun frames may accept Spyder switches, but I would be cautious about installing a Hall FX Kit on one.

Originally Posted by Tselanne View Post
will the trigger work on a stock microswitch? or do we need to buy the kit along w/the trigger?
Yes it will. It will work on any Spyder microswitch or the Hall FX Kit.
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