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Default Re: Voltage PB slick stuff

Originally Posted by pbfreak3221
Wow, thanks for the update, I was considering buy this stuff.
definately just stick to dow 33, and if you have some green, i've heard good things about hatersauce. I went out on a limb with this voltage PB stuff, and it was basically all of the following which occurred:

-She didn't respond to my private message
-I ordered the Lube and designated which kind in the paypal note since the site didn't have a place to indicate what kind.
-I received the wrong kind
-I almost passed out from the smell
-It didn't seal any air at all
-I got a metaphoric headache from the trouble it caused me along with an actual headache from the smell

overall I can't say I give it points for anything besides being cheap. I threw it away at the field. 1/10
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