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Default Re: Events threatening paintball industry in Quebec, Canada.

Originally Posted by Voodoo27909
....Which leads us to another question. As an industry, are we providing enough REF's, with the proper training, and who take the position seriously at the fields? One of the most prominate complaints I tend to hear at Scenario's is "Not enough Ref's". Should a Reffing staff hold themselves accountable if someone gets hurt due to a rule violation while on their controlled field?

Questions...questions (and we SHOULD be asking questions).

Around here, none of the feilds ive been at have a ref (aside from one outdoor one, but even still, the ref was playing, and "reffing") the most of a ref that has been at any of the fields ive been at, was one guy on the other side of a window (covered in paint, barely could see out) looking the opposite way 90% of the time.

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