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Default Re: Events threatening paintball industry in Quebec, Canada.

Originally Posted by spyderpilotacs05
what cities have banned the sport? o, please do tell
A LOT of cities have banned it - look into most city codes and I'll bet you'll see several that say you can't fire a paintball gun within city limits. They may not necessarily enforce it yet, but it's on the books. Shoot, my own town has that law so we have our field just outside of the city limits.

Originally Posted by Taillo
Man you are scarry.

By the way, there is no minimum age to skateboard, but the amount of injury is far greater than in paintball...
I didn't think I was so scary??? More realistic than anything. And I know the actual statistics - Hell, been checking them for many years now. So you're just preaching to the choir. The problem is, paintballers tend to only focus on other paintballers. We aren't going to tell them anything they don't already know, for the most part.

BUT, you have to stop looking at it from your own point of view and start looking at it from the lay person's point of view. These are the people that are going to make it rough on us. Skateboarders don't run around "playing army and pointing guns and trying to 'kill' each other" which is exactly what people who don't know about paintball think about us. It's going to be up to us to portray the sport in the best light possible to keep it from being banned on a wide-scale basis. Hopefully it won't happen. I'd love to have my wife and kids, and then grandkids, out playing every weekend!
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