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Default Re: Events threatening paintball industry in Quebec, Canada.

Hahaha, there was a group of guys playing at our field a couple weeks ago and they split up into the standard 5 v 5 groups (after about 30 minutes discussion on who would play whom.) They were noobs, but had played maybe 5-6 times before so we weren't too concerned with them. THey all had condoms on, masks down, etc...

We counted them down, got the game started and saw the prerequisite player starting BEHIND the dead box (we always seem to have a couple of idiots who think the dead box is a bunker...) Then we noticed that one of those guys had actually lifted his mask and had it on top of his head like a hat! All of us started yelling, and the ref noticed at the same time and nearly tackled the guy but he started running away saying "What the ****?" He ran clear off the field thinking the ref was picking on him - idiot.

I'm telling you, well, I'm actually making a prediction. In the next 5-10 years, there will be major changes coming to this sport - and I blame the players for it all. Their attitudes, their idiocy, the gangsta/entitlment/elitist mentality that's so prevalent on fields anymore - all of it will lead to something that will hurt all of us. You can say all you want about other sports, but no other sport fosters the crappiness of the American youth and actually encourages it as this sport...well, other than skateboarding, but that doesn't involve pointing a marker at anyone, so they're pretty safe for now.

Sure, this stuff I'm saying is noticeable and we know it's just idiot trash talk, but think about all the people who aren't into paintball and what they are seeing as representatives of the sport. Yup, that's my prediction - there are alread cities banning the sport, I wouldn't doubt it if it becomes states before long.
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