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Default Re: Kingman Tadao board on a roll.....

I was able to get one. Here are a few pics of it and the well done packaging. I got it in on Monday here at the office and my first thoughts were wow this is nice packaging. I didn't open it till I got home.

Once I got home I took some pics of it along side with a Virtue Spyder board.

Sorry for the poor picture quality as I took these with my crackberry. My initial thoughts on the board are they are great for the VS line of markers as they are built to cater to this line. Other grip frames will have issues with the power port as well as the wiring harness connections are made for the VS so no 5 point molex connector on this puppy. I also noticed that my Virtue laser eyes did not work with this board as the virtue connector is a little smaller than stock. As a VS board it is a total drop in plug and play and go board. I will be toying with it this weekend some and will update my thoughts after a few games of play.
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