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Default th3_0n3's review on the VS-2

Here's my review on the VS-2:

I bought the gun at christmas. The next day I took it out for a spin at my local field. The gun performed great. It bounces around a little bit when you shoot at high speeds. It does not effect accuracy so It's no problem. The feedneck didn't seem to fit all hoppers. It didn't fit a Pulse very well. But a simple $35 feedneck will fix that. For you upgrade junkeys, if you want to put a different regulator on the VS-2, you have to get a VS regulator adapter, and replace the on/off ASA since the ASA on a VS-2 is also the regulator. I've gotten questions about the barrel tips that you can buy so I am going to throw this out here: getting the barrel tip may increase accuracy, but many other factors such as having enough air, having good paint and such comes in to play. One thing I wasn't expecting to see on the VS-2 was the lack of modes. But the new VS Tadao board came out recently so buying that will fix that. Also a Virtue board, Lucky Spitfire board or T-board will too. For those of you who don't like the wave trigger and can't mod the stock trigger, Trinity has made a blade trigger for the VS. X-customs is looking into making a new trigger and some kind of new switch for the VS series. Look into that. The VS-2's body is extremely durable. I was walking into a field and I tripped over a cable attacthing a bunker to the ground. The gun hit the ground hard. No external damage or internal damage. The eyes work perfectly. I used a gravity feed hopper on it and not a chop. Perfect eye logic. Over all, this gun is a good gun. A small price and great performance with almost no need to upgrade anything, it's a gun thats perfect for anyone. I recommend it to thoughs who don't have one. from a scale of one to ten I would give it a one hundred. Off the scales. Great job Kingman!
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