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Default Re: Introducing: The X-Customs Hall FX Kit

Originally Posted by DRAGON
Not sure this is any secret of the sort lol. Sounds like a Piezo switch which was introduced into the paintball community quite a while ago. A company(can't remember the name) released their version of it and it sounded promising but flopped for some reason. So is this a Piezo of the sort? If it's something different or the Piezo for that matter, good luck anyways -
Certainly not a secret to the paintball industry (Emags and Invert Minis), but to my knowledge, nobody has successfully reproduced a working Spyder Hall Effect Sensor before or since the original prototype. I have run into several people who have tried and failed though.

I am not very familiar with the Piezo Switch, but if it was intended to be used with just your fingers, I seem to remember that activation method being turned down by the major tournament leagues. It does work on the same idea that the Hall FX does though in regards to eliminating electrical bounce.

Originally Posted by Nenkitsune
The piezo uses some weird crystal thingy for it's sensor, and detects pressure (from what the linked site says) a hall effect sensor detects changes in the electromagnetic field of the magnet
Correct. There is no physical contact between the trigger and the sensor except the back stop.
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