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Default Wgp Eg2?

from PBN: ESRP $200... appears to be spyder design or electropnum... from "volumizer" I'd assume it's spyder design.

This open bolt marker comes with a 14" ported barrel, and is electronic! It has multiple modes of fire, with adjustable rate of fire (ROF) settings.

Modes include NPPL legal semi auto / PSP legal ramp / NXL legal full auto and 3 shot burst.

Speed Dial for easy access to ROF settings allows the player to quickly match marker fire rates to loader feed rates. ROF is adjustable in all modes.

Features and Information
Click here to see a high res image of the EG2.
Low pressure operation
Adjustable regulator / front grip
Double finger fully adjustable custom trigger
Upgradeable software
Spring loaded anti-chop bolt
14" 1-piece barrel
Clamping / removable feedneck
Volumizer for better performance
Open bolt operation
Macroline quick release hoses
Two soft rubber ball stops
Top cocking quick release pull pin
Soft Strip grip panels for comfort and quick handling
Operates on CO2 and/or Compressed Air / Nitrogen

almost looks like an ego imo
ok if i photo shopped it then explain this
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