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Exclamation Introducing: The X-Customs NV

X-Customs is extremely proud to present the X-Customs NV, the pinnacle of all ESP triggers.


The X-Customs NV is the result of eight long months of research and product development. With its innovative features and its ergonomically-inspired profile, the NV closes the gap between traditional Spyder trigger systems and high-end quality.


- CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum, finished and anodized
- Dual ABEC-3 Certified Ball Bearing Pivot System
- Magnetic Return
- Eliminated Side-to-Side Slack
- Independent Front and Rear Slack Adjustability
- Ergonomically-Designed Profile with Contoured Edges
- Hall FX Kit – Ready
- Compatible with all ESP Trigger Frames (unsure of the AMG frame)

The X-Customs NV has a unique set of features strategically designed to enhance the performance of the ESP trigger system. Among these are a few key features worth noting:

Dual Ball Bearing Pivot System
This innovation accomplishes two very-remarkable improvements, the significant reduction of pivot friction and the elimination of side-to-side slack. With the NV’s dual ball-bearing setup, the trigger pull is noticeably smoother than its predecessors. This unique anti-friction sensation is a significant improvement over stock and is extremely competitive with high-end marker setups.

Improving side-to-side slack has historically been a key goal in most Spyder trigger designs, but few have succeeded like the X-Customs NV. Side-to-side slack, which once caused “sloppy” and “inconsistent” trigger pulls is now extinct. The X-Customs NV effortlessly travels only forward and backward.

Independent Front and Rear Slack Adjustability
2-point adjustability is a necessity for any competitive trigger setup. The X-Customs NV not only offers this adjustability but also provides a new way to adjust forward slack. In most current setups, front slack must be adjusted by removing the trigger frame, turning a screw, and reattaching the frame to the body (a guess-and-check process). The NV’s one-of-a-kind forward-slack adjustment point is located behind the trigger, allowing convenient and accurate adjustments.

Hall FX Kit – Ready
With a perfectly-sized magnet embedded in the backside, the X-Customs NV is the only trigger on the market that is directly compatible with the X-Customs Hall FX Kit. This reduces Hall FX installation time and eliminates any potential mishaps installing a magnet to a stock or aftermarket trigger.

Production Information

The first X-Customs NV triggers will be available in a BLACK POLISHED finish. Pricing and ordering information are available on the X-Customs website: When ordering, please indicate in which Spyder the trigger will be installed so that the correct magnets may be included.

ETA for first shipment: AVAILABLE NOW!

SPYDER CUP PARTICIPANTS – X-Customs is offering an exclusive discount to all Spyder Cup participants! Check the website for more details.

Bundle Option

X-Customs will also be offering additional discounts on bundled orders. Check the website for more details.
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X-Customs NV - The Pinnacle Spyder Trigger
X-Customs Hall FX Kit - "Genius" Magnetic Trigger Switch System
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