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Thats a tough one. I always thought of "Spyder" as just one of the products in the Kingman line-up (thinking back to the pre-spyder Hammer days of course). But I think that somewhere along the line, the name Spyder became a more valuable and recognizable brand than the Kingman name. I understand the need for the change from Kingman USA to the more recognizable Spyder name, but I don't think the parent company should sell itself short. Aside from nostalgia.... the very word Kingman commands a fair amount of respect. Just say it out loud. KINGman! Its like royalty. Spyder is okay too, I guess. Its an intimidating insect that most people are afraid of. But its still just a bug. You can squash a spyder with your foot or with a rolled up newspaper. You can't kill a King(man) quite as easily. No sir... I'm sticking with Kingman. For old time's sake, for the power of the name itself, and for the sake of all things good and true... Kingman for ever!

(yikes! I must be on crack today or somethin')
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