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Thumbs up Kingman Tadao board on a roll.....

I've gotten word that Kingman is finally sending out the new Tadao boards for distribution. For those of you not aware of the boards, here are some details.......

Spyder and Tadao have partnered for a Spyder board. This board was designed for the VS2/3 line of markers but will work in any of the many Spyder e-frames including the rocking trigger frame. The charging port may be off and some customization may be needed.


5 Modes(semi unlimited, semi 15bps, psp ramp, millennium ramp and 3 shot burst)

Adjustable trigger debounce (5 settings)

Forced shot feature

Battery status indicator

Tournament mode lock

Sleep mode

Semi lock switch

Pretty sure I'll be getting one of these to do a review on in the near future. The MSRP on these are $99.95. There seems to be a lot of exciting activity going on at Kingman lately. Great for us, not so good for other companies just sitting around dorment doing nothing -
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