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Thumbs up Dark Seoul Paintball Gun Grips...

I needed some new grips for my markers and found custom clear acrylic grips made by Dark Seoul on PBN. I sent him a quick PM and 2 days later my grips showed up.

First off before any of my BAMF pictures, I would like to say these are some high quality grips. At first I was weary about how they are made and how they would feel, but I like them better than the Hybrid grips I was using. The edges are nicely beveled and he makes the grips custom to the frame so they match up perfect.

On to the pics:

The grips come cling wrapped together in a bag with a small bag containing the necessary screws. This is a nice touch since some stock screws are tapered and you need flat screws for the grips.

Grips in the package

Once you take the grips out of the package and remove the cling wrap you see how well the grips are made. They are 100% polished, even the beveled edges.

Grips out of the package:

Putting the grips on your gun are as easy as removing the old ones and putting the new ones in place. The screw holes line up perfectly and the new supplied screws are an exact thread match.

Grips on Sniper:

The other nice thing about the grips is being that he offers them in clear you can put little things in your frame. In my Phantom I have 3 glow in the dark paintballs.

Grips on Phantom:

I have one more set for my Ion and once I get those on I will update the pics.

Once the grips are the gun, they feel very good. At first they look like they would be to thin, but they are not. The bevel makes them feel good with or with out gloves. I have not had any slip issues without gloves on with them.

In all, these grips are AWESOME. They give your gun a custom look. They come in a variety of colors, he even sells them in mirror finishes. If you want some yourself PM Dark Seoul on PBN and he will take care of you.
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