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Default Re: Esprit and BPS

... well by wearing it in .. it wears the spring in the ACS bolt so the antichop system actually works ... and umm .. out of air ... shouldn't really contribute to chopping ...

Yeah co2 spikes alot cuz it's unstable .. as you probably already know .. the only way to really control this is with an anti-siphon tube .. which you could probably install by urself .. and probably make the anti-siphon by urself too .. probably costing you a grand total of ... 10 dollars max .. with all the fittings and the red loctite ... (assuming you have a torch, or a heat gun ... which you don't really need .. but it'll speed up the process a lot .. cuz ... a lighter ... and 5 minutes ... is really ... slow ) .. if you want the antisiphon instructions just PM me ... i have DRUID's anti-siphon directions that bigred gave to me ...

Another thing you can do to prevent spiking is ... by getting a HPA tank .. which would probably run for ... 64 bucks for a 72ci3k PMI fixed tank ... which is good ... because if your gonna buy it already siphoned .. it'd be about .. 50 bucks ... you could also get 48ci3k tank for 10 more bucks .. but i'd rather add 4 more bucks to that .. to get the 72ci3k .... oh yeah im talking about this .. but i don't give you the link .. Click Here
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