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Default Re: Proto matrix rail


So i was finally able to gas up and pop off a few rounds, and i was really really impressed! this gun is whisper quiet, and in semi mode has very little kick, i was hitting a target about 8 inches wide from 100 feet or so. now i had it set on psp at 24bps (not sure about dwell) and when if kicked in i thought i broke the gun. this thing absolutely rips! i had the rocking trigger on the 05 electra, and there is no way i would be able to get up to these rates of fire! i know psp isnt the same as semi, but still, the option of psp and millenium mode are just another thing that set this marker apart from 'low end' markers.

one thing i did notice is that when i first got the gas on the gun it leaked out the end of the bolt (barrel side). this stopped after the first shot. I'm not sure this is normal, so ill hafta look into it.

as far as air efficiency goes, i cant really say for sure. i only shot about 150 balls, and didn't get a good feel for how much air it uses, or for the consistency of velocity. but ill tell ya straight up, shooting this marker feels great. If your looking to take a step up in your marker, this is the gun! it rips, its quiet, its light as a feather, and it feels good in the hands. and its also a good project gun as there are tons of upgrades that you can get for it!

thats all for now, please ask questions if you have any.
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