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I think it's funny that all these "Anti-American/Great Britain" and "Anti-West" terrorist types like using things that have come from the free world they want to destroy.

If they really dislike us so much why don't they just stop using all these things, give them all back to us and close their borders 'n stuff? They'd be living without hospitals (a concept built up to combat diseases in the west), internal combustion engines (originally designed in the west), the wealth that the west has paid them for fossil fuels (yes we're still paying that too), computer technology (Originally devised in the UK during WW2 to help crack German codes and boosted greatly by the US during the space race), and everything that goes with these things. They can get rid of all their computers, cars, power plants, production lines, motor bikes, televisions, radios, telephones, explosives, etc. etc. etc. and go back to using swords, bows 'n arrows and the occasional muskets. They'd be less well off if they returned themselves to medeival life but they'd be rid of us and we can all go on with our lives without bothering one another.

Would they be happy then? No. Why? Because they're selfish, greedy, idiots who think that their leaders, their religion or their "whatever" gives them the misguided idea that they have the right to mess with other people's freedom. Let's bonus ball 'em to kingdom come!
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