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Originally Posted by shunut
They always seem to glorify the bad in everything. It would have been really nice if they would have gotten in to more details about what percentage of paintballers aren't Muslim and play the sport for pure fun.
They particularly seem to do it with paintball..

Why not Airsoft? That is a sport that is actually designed and revolves around replicating warfare, as well as the weapons very closely replicate real firearms.

I'm surprised no one sees the Media and the Press as forms of communism.


However, I find I can respect this news report more than any others, as this news station was very generous and said that the overwhelming majority of paintballers do not have bad intentions, and then something along the lines of 'isn't it funny that people are taking advantage of a positive pleasure and using it for bad, yadda yadda.' I respect it very much, but that one guy is a douchebag who can't get over himself.
Good times, good times.
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